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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MANNEQUIN PLASTIC Loves Indonesia Folklore

" Lutung Kasarung "

Folklore from West Java

PRABU Tapa Agung was an old king. He had two daughters, Purbararang and Purbasari. Prabu Tapa Agung planned to retire as a king. He wanted Purbasari to replace him as the leader of the kingdom. Hearing this, Purbararang was angry.
"You cannot ask her to be the queen, Father. I'm older than she is. It's supposed to be me, not her!" said Purbararang. But the king still chose Purbasari to be the next queen.
Purbararang then set a bad plan with her fiance, Indrajaya. Together they went to a witch and asked her to put a spell on Purbasari. Later, Purbasari had bad skin. There were black dots all over her body.
"You are not as beautiful as I am. You cannot be the queen. Instead, you have to leave this palace and stay in a jungle," said Purbararang.
Purbasari was very sad. Now she had to stay in the jungle. Everyday she spent her time playing with some animals there. There was one monkey that always tried to cheer her up. It was not just an ordinary monkey, he had magical power. And he also could talk with humans. The monkey's name was Lutung Kasarung. He was actually a god. His name was Sanghyang Gurumina. Lutung Kasarung planned to help Purbasari. He made a small lake and asked her to take a bath there. Amazingly, her bad skin was cured. Now she got her beautiful skin back.
After that, she asked Lutung Kasarung to accompany her to go back to the palace. Purbararang was very shocked. She knew she had to come up with another bad idea. She then said, "Those who have longer hair will be the queen."
The king then measured his daughters' hair. Purbasari had longer hair. But Purbararang did not give up. "A queen must have a handsome husband. If my fiance is more handsome than yours, then I will be the queen," said Purbararang.
Purbasari was sad. She knew Purbararang's fiance, Indrajaya, was handsome. And she did not have a fiance yet. "Here is my fiancé, Indrajaya. Where is yours?" asked Purbararang. Lutung Kasarung came forward. Purbararang was laughing very hard. "Your fiance is a monkey, ha ha ha."
Suddenly, Lutung Kasarung changed into a very a handsome man. He was even more handsome than Indrajaya. Purbasari then became the queen. She forgave Purbararang and her fiance and let them stay in the palace.

MANNEQUIN PLASTIC plush For MOCCA launching ep


MANNEQUIN PLASTIC For Theater "Yang Berdiam Dalam Marahnya Sunyi"


The Yellow Dino is an imaginary wonderland of Yudi Andhika or also known as Upnix, Indonesian base visual artist who drown into contemporary character design and street art. The name Yellow Dino is based on Yudi’s alter ego character, Goji the dino, a small yellow dinosaur who dont want to grow up and addicted to hit empty spaces with cute shape and fun atmosphere to at least bring happy and smile on people’s face.

Yudi started his career as a graphic designer in 2003 and was part of a collective of like minded and idealistic young indonesian designers, Ranger Bastards since 2004. The group disbanded early in 2007 and 4 of the original member including Yudi formed a new group called Mode Four. Yudi spread his own character since 2005 and loves to work in various media, a lot of project has been conducted, started from graphic and character design, illustration, graffiti, body painting to customized artworks. He hope with what his doing right now, one day he can turn the mass’s point of view that street art is not always about vandalism, and appreciate it as an art. Yudi’s agenda includes making his own dino empire and spread the yellow dino all over the world.


RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is an art project established by Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini who shares the same interest in pop culture and toys art movement. Started circa 2006, they have made and reconstructed various kinds of materials, which existence were unexpected —even forgotten by most people in their daily lives— into new forms which are expected to be the media to express the creators’ explorative skills. These kind of explorations were conveyed by utilizing “Founded Objects media” (various kinds of non-organic waste which happens to be available amongst humanity), into many kinds of “Character Robotic Imagination”.

We had also established a “Custom Plush Jewelry” label called MANNEQUIN PLASTIC which gives different space to convey their imaginations and to reform “Character Robotic Imagination” into a “Plushie” designs.

Since its establishment, RECYCLE EXPERIENCE has been given enormous opportunities to participate in various numbers of activities such as art exhibitions, art collaborations, workshops, talk shows and many co-op works with several of the creative industries’ designers, companies, musicians and academic institutions.